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Repeat After Me: "I am going to walk into the best year of my life"

Welcome to a New Year and certainly a New You!

The past two years have certainly been super crazy with everything in the world going on. This I am sure you can agree with. All the ups and downs, highs and lows, and everything you can think of that happened in between. Already in 2022, you have had a full month to see what your year is going to be like and for me, personally, it is already shaping up to be much better than last year. Who can agree?

January tends to be the month where resolutions of a new year are made and most, a whopping 92% of them, are unfortunately broken. Whether the goals were set too high, excuses of life getting in the way were made, there was a lack of motivation - the list keeps going on and on and the resolutions and goals keep getting swept under the rug.

I know I have been there in the same spot that I’m sure a lot of you have been as well, making resolutions and not keeping them, letting them collect dust next to the slippers that I can never seem to find. They are all there, congregating together, snickering at us, and waiting until next year when there will undoubtedly be more swept up and tossed aside.

Well, this year I was determined to change and hopefully lower that statistic, not just for myself, but for the community. The Randolph Community. The community I have been a part of since 2014 and so many others have been for their whole lives. A great community to be involved in.

My goal for the upcoming year, that I promised myself I would see to completion, is to create a weekly positive “community space” that covers fun and light topics all about bettering yourself and the community around you.* Our topics will cover healthy habits, farm fresh recipes that you can follow along with, why drinking tea is not just good for the British, and more! Putting a spin and a flare on healthy habits. Fun Tuesday reads meant to spread positivity, make you laugh a little, and just genuinely feel good about yourself.

Remember We are One Community and together we can go far, even if we start small.

So I want you to start off the month of love by repeating after me: “I am about to walk into the best year of my life, to better not only myself but my community.”

*As a side note, we are not medical professionals, this is not an advice column, and if you do seek mental or medical help, please refer to your doctor.

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