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Randolph~The Place we Call Home

You know that familiar feeling that homemade chocolate chip cookies, or a cozy blanket gives you? That feeling of warmth and security? Well for 27 years, this September actually, this is the feeling that a local Randolph couple has felt since moving into their forever Randolph home on their wedding night! They say that "Randolph is now the place we have lived the longest in our lives. It’s our home. When we leave on a trip and drive back home it’s the warm familiar feeling you get seeing your exit – you are home.

You know every side street, every shortcut, and every cut through to get exactly where you're going. You have your favorite pizza place. Running to the library to get books or DVDs. Off to the RICC for supplies for another amazing activity. For us, we just love the diverse, community feeling of Randolph.

Townies, a common noun meaning simply a person who lives in town or who is native to the town. This definition simply does not describe the Morans. Meredith and Ryan Moran surpass the traditional definition of a "townie." Yes they do live in Randolph but they embody just so much more. They have participated in Harvest Hooplas, all of our virtual events and in person events and programs here at both the RICC and the Turner Free Library just to name a few. Their positive energy just spreads throughout town wherever they go. Read on to hear their story of continued support and loyalties.

What has been your favorite program or event that you have been a part of and why?

Favorite program(s) ALL of the Virtual One Day Wonders (especially the Paint Nights, Baking & Gardening Activities) These were amazing date nights! Fun activities that provided great quality time for us to spend together. It also provided us with motivation to do other projects or cooking ideas based off what we had done. Favorite event(s) Harvest Hoopla – Major community vibe and happy spirits from the residents. The hayrides, vendors, Fall feel, Fall foods Light the Night – An incredible night to get in the holiday spirit driving around looking at holiday lights

You and your husband seem so fun~ when you are not participating in programs, what do you like to do in your spare time?

My husband and I like to get away, enjoy a night out, try a new restaurant. We love being at the beach. We can always be found making a delicious meal, a refreshing cocktail and watching a great show or a movie. I enjoy shopping, reading, and spending time with friends. Ryan enjoys drawing and listening to music.

What are you hoping to achieve in your tenure as a Trustee of the Turner Free Library" - to Meredith - and also What does the library have to offer the community, and is it free?

I am a Teacher, Reading Specialist and Literacy Coach working with students and teachers. In teaching students to actively read, working with teachers on effective instruction I also strive to instill the love of reading. After just a few visits to the TFL, I knew this library was extremely special.

It is more than just a building that houses books. It is a place that connects communities; lends them books, offers technology services, provides information and so much more – all at no cost! It is a place where people feel safe; it was a vaccination site, safe haven during the storm, etc. Knowing all of this about the TFL I wanted to become a part somehow of this amazing place. When the chance came about to become a trustee, I jumped at the opportunity. I’m hoping that during my tenure {which I am hoping will be a very long time} I can support all of the library’s initiatives, proposals, and programs.

What is your message to other residents about why they should come to programs and get more involved in the community?

As longtime residents of Randolph, we didn’t take advantage of all that Randolph had to offer. For all those missed years, I wish we had. Over the past 5 years, we really have made up for lost time! It all started with the Randolph Citizens Academy. This was an incredible 12-week program that explained all the departments and programs in the town. Throughout this program I learned so much that it sparked a major interest in me wanting to become involved in the community. This ultimately led to me becoming a Trustee at the Turner Free Library. Throughout these experiences both myself and my husband have met many wonderful people and have enjoyed so many programs. Especially during the pandemic, Randolph’s programs kept us healthy, happy and sane! So, to Randolph’s residents we would say, “Participating in Randolph’s programs, activities and events is a fulfilling way to become part of the community; meet new people and experience so many enjoyable benefits!”

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