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A Little Thing Called "Coaching"

What is this thing called “Coaching” I keep hearing about?

If it doesn’t involve Bill Belichick or Terry Francona, what exactly is it?

Well, let’s start with what [Coaching] isn’t:

It isn’t therapy

It isn’t counseling

It isn’t consulting

Rather, Coaching (also referred to as Life Coaching or Professional Coaching), is an experience fueled by curiosity and questioning, designed to help people get to where they want to go.

The International Coaching Federation (ICF), defines Coaching as “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and co-creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. It is designed to facilitate the creation/development of personal, professional or business goals and to develop and carry out a strategy/plan for achieving those goals”.

When someone asks me what I do I share with them that I partner with my clients to help them untangle whatever their knots/nots are that are holding them back from moving forward in their lives.

Have you ever had a coach for a sport or maybe acting? What did they provide? Support? Cheered you on from the sidelines? Offered corrections? Pushed you and believed in you to be your very best? Well, that is what a Coach does. That is what I do with people in their lives and around their goals. I believe in people to be their best and then support them in achieving those goals by challenging them, offering ideas and cheering them forward.

If you are curious to learn more about yourself, let’s talk!

I am offering a complimentary session to the first person to contact me within one week from the date of this publication. I will listen with compassion, without judgement, with an open heart.


Linda Leland

Randolph Resident

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