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Putting the Oh in H2O

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

60% is a pretty high percentage when you think about it. To me anything over 50% is a high percentage. For example, if there was a 60% chance of rain or snow, that definitely means that there would be a 100% chance of it happening in my book. Logical for the average weatherman or science fanatic? Absolutely not, but that is why I was an art major in school, not someone who had to think about percentages.

So when I think of 60% of the body being made up of water, basically I am thinking that I am good on the “waterfront” and I don’t need anymore water. Let’s back up a few years and I can rephrase that. As a young and naive college student (years ago) I used to think that. I used to think I was getting enough water throughout the day and would drink maybe 8oz of water in the morning, have plenty of coffee throughout the day, necessary for sure, and have my PBR beer at night (which let’s be honest was pretty much water anyways). Obviously this was not every night, but I am sure as many of you know, that was a day in the life of a college student: Absurd amounts of caffeine, cheap beer, and not enough water.

Little did I know, thinking back to those days, I was dehydrating my body even more than I was supposed to, I was definitely more tired and lacked energy everyday, my moods were all over the place, and my skin was a lot drier than it should have been. I wanted glowing dewy skin, like Jennifer Aniston, not dry skin like Gollum. (All reasons why you should drink more water. But hey I’m not an expert, just a girl trying to better herself.)

Even now, I find it super hard to consume the appropriate amount of water everyday, but for different reasons, although I will say I have gotten loads better. Health experts from Harvard Health recommend drinking 8 x 8 oz of water, which does equal 64 oz of water a day. 2 liters of water, which even to a non-math major sounds like a lot and it is. Yes I gave up the cheap beer and cut back on some caffeine, but now life circumstances seem to get in the way. For me personally, maybe this is something that you can relate to as well, when I have my mask on, my prime focus is to keep it on and the focus of drinking anything, water included, goes right out the window. How am I supposed to drink at least 64 oz of water a day, keep my mask on to keep everyone safe, and then continue on with my day? So much life, so little time.

I realized that the past couple of months I have had to really force myself to drink water throughout the day and I knew it was not nearly enough.I could feel myself starting to stress out about not getting enough water, not getting my glowy skin, and letting life take a hold of me, instead of taking a hold of my life, the way it should be. (Continued on next page)

Thankfully January 2022 hit and as you know I was ready to jump feet first onto the New Year New You band wagon, wanting to better as much as I could for myself and those around me. So I made another promise to myself that I was going to keep and I made myself sit down and I said “You will accomplish your goal of drinking more water, as it is important to this New Year and New You campaign. Look out Jennifer Aniston, here we come!”

Off to Target I went, where I purchased not an 8oz bottle, not a 32 oz bottle, but a whopping ginormous 64oz water bottle. Well like Neil Armstrongg said, “This is one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind,” and yes I realized that I jumped full force onto the band wagon, 64oz in tow.

After my first 64 oz, which did take me a full day to drink, and quite a full bladder, and a new outlook on drinking, I already felt better about myself. I haven’t quite achieved that Jennifer Aniston skin glow yet - I know in time I will get there - but I have noticed that I have more energy throughout the day, I am not as tired, and I actually look forward to drinking water now. Now 64oz is no sweat to drink and I stopped stressing about getting enough water, because even though I was starting small with just one 64oz bottle, I knew that what I was doing would benefit me in the long run.

Remember it doesn’t have to be big, and starting small is just as important.

We are One Community and together we can go far.*

What is something small that you can do for yourself today that will better your tomorrow?

See below for a few “fun” fruit infused water concoctions to make those 64 ounces a party in your mouth.

*As a side note, we are not medical professionals, this is not an advice column, and if you do seek mental or medical help, please refer to your doctor.

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