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Just a Bunch of Hocus Pocus

“ Halloween is the time of year where it is ok for people of all ages to dress up and become creatures, monsters or other things! I wanted something for the seniors to be able to enjoy and take part in as well!”

-Keri Sullivan

Not just a popular 1993 Disney Halloween movie, but also a Senior Citizen theme for a party as well. L.M. Montgomery said it best, “I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers!”

Wednesday Oct 30th was a spooktacular day for some of the Senior Citizens of the Randolph Intergenerational Community Center, as they dressed up in costume and celebrated Halloween.

From a Hocus Pocus inspired punch, spooky treats and sweets, to Sing Along Bingo the Seniors had themselves a fun time! Jim-the-DJ Guy brought the beats and the seniors dabbled in a little Monster Mash, took a quick jump to the left as they danced through a Time Warp all the while Putting a Spell on You!

Prizes were given out to the Seniors who had the best costumes, the most original costumes, the costume that was the most bedazzled and more. Boy did the seniors bring their A game!

Marilyn Hancock, an active RICC member, wore some ghostly earrings and a light up ghost necklace! Meanwhile, Sheila Swanwick, a Randolph Resident and President of the Friends of the Randolph Seniors, won a movie bucket full of candies and popcorn, for the best costume! Dark purple lipstick stained her lips, pointed shoes dawned her feet, and a black pointy witch hat, that matched her long black dress, sat on top of her head. Sheila laughed and enjoyed the festivities with her friends that were also in attendance, a lot of them wearing very similar witch hats! Nothing else can be said except that they were absolutely Fab-BOO-lous!

Director for Adult and Senior Programs and Services, Keri Sullivan stated that “This was a great chance for the seniors, her peeps as she calls them, to enjoy Halloween in true senior fashion. No there was no trick or treating like the kids do but there sure were some tricks and definitely lots of treats for the seniors to enjoy. We hope this is a tradition and an event that we can keep carrying out year after year!”

The seniors in attendance all had a lot of fun and they all look forward to bringing their friends around next year for another great time. For those of you that missed out, make sure to keep updated with all of our programs and events, not just for Seniors, in the Sunnyside, online on our website and on our Facebook page!

If you have any suggestions of Senior Events or programs that you want to see in the upcoming months, please email Keri Sullivan at or Sue Romain at

Just remember that it’s just a bunch of hocus pocus!

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