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Community Programs Spotlight- Stronger Together

Giving calories one last dance.

"I love reminding my students just how strong they can be!"

A Boston native, the oldest of four and a truly passionate Zumba Instructor here at the RICC, Eddie Gonzalez is paving the way to dancing away those stubborn calories in a fun and upbeat way. Every squat, lunge and burpee is driven not only by his amazing taste in music, which can be heard booming through the halls of the RICC, but also his mission to help you to reach your strongest life potentials and goals.

Eddie currently teaches three classes for all age groups and is the epitome of intergenerational inspiration. From Zumba Gold, the senior citizen based class, Strong by Zumba and Strong 30, the adult and teen-based classes; he has sure become a very familiar face every Wednesday and Friday and is giving those calories one last dance for sure.

In my interview with him, I asked him what it was like being able to teach all different age groups, adults, seniors and sometimes-even teens, all within the same day. As we are an intergenerational center, having an instructor who can balance a variety of different body types and abilities, goes hand and hand with our mission of trying to bridge those gaps between generations.

His response was truly as inspiring as the young instructor is, during his motivational workouts. “It is truly a great experience teaching people of all ages. Of course, with my younger crowd, I am able to really push them to their limits without feeling guilty. They are constantly ready for more and even keep me on my feet. However, there is nothing like teaching my 55+ Zumba Gold class, to me my most rewarding class. They are the inspiration for me, they really keep me humble and very appreciative to do what I do. Don’t let the low impact for this class fool you, because me “Goldies” as he passionately calls these participants’, sure know how to throw a punch. They are so satisfied and happy to be able to just be there and dance with me and it really brings true joy to my heart.”

After joining one of his close friends, who is also a Zumba instructor, in one of her intense classes he completely fell in love with the Latin workout craze that is Zumba. Having been a dancer his whole life, it didn’t take long for him to realize that this is what he is meant to do in life. Since September of 2017, Eddie has been a licensed Zumba instructor and has honestly never felt happier. The energy, the vibe, the smiles and the sweat makes it 100% worth it.

“Every time I teach, I give my all and when my students reciprocate that energy I feel a mix of pride, accomplishment and fulfillment, just to name a few. I love reminding my students just how strong they can be and are both mentally and physically and how they can keep going no matter how tough it gets.”

This just goes to show just how passionate he is and how much of a modern life coach he can be. Pushing through the pain to keep going even through the toughness, is truly a great Zumba motto and an even better life motto.

Remembering that everyone has experienced some sort of pain at some point in their lives and knowing that there is a silver lining on the other side. We are STRONGER TOGETHER.

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