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All New Seniors Only Space!

The Randolph Intergenerational Community Center (RICC) is excited to announce the opening of its Seniors Only Space!

A soft opening happened this past week with seniors slowly but surely making their way to their newly redesigned space. The Senior Space is for ages 60+ and serves as a warm and friendly place for playing games, doing puzzles, reading a book, having a coffee, or chatting with fellow seniors. Fully equipped with a coffee station, dedicated puzzle table, comfy couches, game cabinet, bulletin board, and a “senior show and tell” display case – full of senior Olympics and senior prom memorabilia, this room has been a long time coming.

After moving from the James M. Hurley Senior Center to the RICC, senior attendance at programs has skyrocketed. Through a community engagement survey as well as in person feedback from seniors it was determined that what has been missing is a quiet area where seniors can mingle and enjoy their space, not within the confines of a structured program. Town Manager Brian Howard stopped by during the soft opening to listen to senior feedback and assure the seniors that this was only the first step in the center’s plans to ensure continuing improvements based on community input.

Howard, along with Senior Service Director, Keri Sullivan and Service Coordinator Sue Romain welcomed the first group of seniors to their new space with coffee, donuts, muffins, bagels, and smiles! Any and all feedback is encouraged, to ensure the RICC is a welcoming space for all in our wonderfully diverse community.

Feedback can be emailed to Director Elizabeth LaRosee at or by phone at 781-961-0932 x 8.

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